Rank and File

I’m no stranger to hierarchies in my chosen field of work. They’re clear in job designation, they’re clear in what you get to do, and they’re clear in WHEN you get to do it. I’m still a little miffed at how a female JA is treated as nothing more than a glorified file clerk unless she vehemently protests. Like me.

… and then you get an e-mail asking you to prepare for Monday’s conference at 1:12 am on a Friday evening/Saturday morning. There’s a limit even for a confirmed workaholic like me!

On another note:  The roommate and I are getting a visitor from South Africa tomorrow. Actually, she’s visiting with the roommate and I get to sort of tag along. Hope there will be no problems with three women and just one bathroom.  Also hope I’ll get out of cooking this weekend 😛

Listening to: X Japan – Unfinished
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