Did you know that eidetic memory means you never really forget anything? Sights, smells, sounds, sensations… you can experience everything as if it’s the first time over and over again in a way. Sure, things get lost in the fog, somehow drift away and fade out like an old Super-8 movie that hasn’t been remastered to DVD yet. Still, like those movies will get copied your memories will, too. As an eidetic, every instance of your life conjures up similar experiences, refreshing those older memories and taking them to the forefront of your mind once more. It means you sometimes don’t know if you’re six or twenty-five, whether you’ve just broken your wrist or are having a dental operation under only partially active anesthesia.

And the really wonderful thing? You freak out your dentist by dropping into a flashback right there on the chair. You try to keep in mind that you’ve passed that period of your life already, but under great stress and in pain the coping mechanisms you’ve developed to deal with your “gift” fail spectacularly. No way of telling what’s happening to you, only aware of pain, your ability to communicate in a different language just goes away- or rather, you can’t speak at all because you don’t know who you are. Are you fourteen? Are you not? And why does it hurt so much? What is going on?

It takes a couple minutes to get your act together again, but by that time you see those stares that seem to say mental patient. I’m not. I’m just… memory-challenged. At least I get to stay home for two days to recover. Anyone still wish for a so-called “photographic memory”?

Listening to: Ikemen samurai – Dear Prince ~Tennis-no-oujisama-tachi e~
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