Teeth, parks and winter in Germany

Ugh, I want the good old days back when I would just say Hi and Bye! to my dentist. That stupid TKD accident might actually cost me a tooth- me, who hasn’t even had a filling in her life. I’ve recovered from the surgery where they cut off the roots of my tooth, but I’ve still got stitches in my mouth and the tooth is feeling a little loose to me. Note to self: Never let anyone kick you in the face ever again!

The park and my canal running route are looking so inviting at the moment, probably because I’m officially forbidden to do any sports for the next two weeks. It’s been a crazy ride, what with me finding myself in possession of a tooth whose insides have splintered and dug into the roots and my jawbone, TKD training picking up in preparation of the black belt test, fencing being back on the menu after a friend invited me to the uni’s fencing team “just for fun” (these ladies are so in need of a coach, some training, and some people who know which end of their weapon is supposed to be pointed at the opponent), training for half-marathon in March (which I’m not sure I’ll do after all- training’s OK but I’m just not the endurance type runner), practicing my piano for the annual family concert, same with violin, starting on the Christmas cookie baking, planning and executing a birthday party including homemade torte… well, it’s just been one hell of a week. The rabbits in the park were looking at me as though I were crazy when I stormed past them on my way back from trying to copy this year’s Christmas card (I tend to forget that stores are f***ing closed on Sundays in Germany). Maybe they were missing me running by, though. The park is really dreary this time of the year, a few yew trees and some ivy the only splashes of color in a black, brown and gray world. Meh.

Winters in Germany are rather mild- even though I’m still freezing all the time (Florida born and raised) it’s nothing compared to NYC or Ann Arbor. I still wish it would be spring already, though- I hate these short days where I normally leave before daybreak and come back long after nightfall. Well, can’t have everything- going to be back with family soon! Can’t wait!

Well, I’m off to make the next batch of vanillekipferl, a cookie recommended by roomie. It’s full of almond flour, butter and vanilla sugar and smells so divine that… I’ll never want to eat any. Not after baking three trays full.

Sidenote: Maybe, if I’m in the mood, I’ll start a recipe blog. Or I might make this one a recipes-included blog. I love baking…
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