Am I addicted to sports? I don’t know. It’s been almost a week since I’ve been running, more than a week since my last Tae Kwon Do class and two weeks, three days since I last got to play tennis. I’m starting to go stir-crazy at work, tapping my foot with ever-increasing velocity. I had to put away my running shoes because every day when I get home I keep looking at them and want to run. My friends are calling me “irritable” at the moment. That stupid thirty minute interval on the Wii Fit thingie this morning had me yearning for real exercise where I can get sweaty and exhausted. I try keeping up my spirits with a bit of hot chocolate, but it’s just not enough. I’m not balanced. My brain hurts every night because I can’t get it to switch off. Meditation only calms me down so far if not coupled with bodily exhaustion, and I fear going insane with the sheer amount of useless info that’s become indelibly imprinted into my mind over the past week.

I need to talk to my dentist- he simply has to let me take up at least TKD classes again. Even if I’m skipping most of the endurance the amount of concentration required to move correctly should get me back on the path towards sanity. Plus guided group meditations will do me some good.

Have been feeling pretty good otherwise. I’m still a little weaker than normal (but also still on antibiotics, so that’s to be expected). Roomie is one-upping me on the Wii and very happy about that. I’m an idiot at video games, though. Point in case: Me still being stuck at the Goron Mines in Zelda after three months of playing. Stupid randomly changing foe patterns!

Writing this from work when I should be preparing for conference with my favorite friendly enemies from the Large Army of Cloned Lawyers camp. Have been prepared for that conference since yesterday evening- yet another bad habit that’s rearing its head again: Taking work home from work. I thought I had so got that one beat!

Well, off to maturely discuss some business now 😉


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