It doesn’t show signs of stopping

Great. Just great. Here I thought I’d escaped New York City and Michigan winters in Germany by living in a city with distinctly maritime climate. What do I get? “This is the most snow we’ve had in ten years!”

Have I ever mentioned that I still have the thin blood of a Florida-born person? That I’m miserable and freezing in winter? And that I absolutely dislike having to wade through mountains of wet, cold, freezing, clingy white stuff to get to work? Or to get groceries? Or when even leaving the house?

The neighborhood kids are very happy, though, and clearing paths for us non-winter enthusiasts by building snowmen.

Roomie is ecstatic over the snow, too. AND she keeps trying to drag me out, and complaining about me “overheating” the apartment. Well, excuse me for being a miserable pile of aching, freezing bones and lungs here. I’d really like to drop into hibernation now.

Need to go out to buy some food, though. We’re all out of everything, plus I’m going to be baking a couple kinds of Christmas cookies this weekend- again. People keep scarfing them down as though there’s no time and effort involved in making them. Roomie’s comment? “Well, you bake like one of those expensive patissiers, only it’s free and I can have it whenever.” Thanks for the compliment!

<–off to buy some ground almonds, eggs, butter, lemons, and dark Lindt chocolate. German chocolate almost makes winter bearable.
Listening to: Amici Forever – Canto Alla Vito
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