Avatar… the quick way

The girlfriends and I went to see Avatar today. I think half of them is still a little miffed that I didn’t choose the Twitard’s Delight movie. Still, my turn to choose, so no way I’m going near any sparklepires unless armed with a sharp, pointy, silver stake drenched in garlic, all of which I’m fresh out of since cooking bolognese sauce and losing my silver fork in the pot.

We had a little problem getting the second half of the movie started, which is why I got back home almost an hour later than planned.

The movie is fantastic in every sense of the word. The world they build, Pandora, is beyond real. We watched in 3D, so every plant, every insect, every fantastical creature comes to life.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of computer-animated humanoids. I believe they’ve been “made” using motion capture technology (same as Gollum from LotR), but still, there’s something… sterile about purely animated “actors” that doesn’t exist when filming live humans as humans. Or maybe it’s just me.

The story’s your basic Pocahontas plot, but with all the rich visuals it’s kind of nice you don’t have to struggle through a complicated, interwoven storytelling at the same time. It took me a while to get involved in the movie, everything seemed a little stilted and contrived in the beginning, but I guess I was hooked from my first look at the Pandora jungles. I probably won’t be able to tell you the names of the main characters for a few days more as I’m still digesting the sheer amount of color and somewhat… off-shaped (but in a good way!) wildlife. Once my brain has cataloged everything I might write a more detailed review but for now, let me say this: Go see this movie in 3D/IMAX. It’s hugely expensive (13 Euros here in my city) but worth it.

Plus, the music’s gorgeous. I’m going to look for the soundtrack tomorrow!

Listening to: Two-Mix – Just Communication
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