Last workday of the year

Hell-lo! It’s not even 10pm and I’m home! Looks like my resolution’s working!

Well, actually, no. Today’s work was just going through whatever cases we had this year and either categorizing and filing them or piling them on our desks for whenever we come back from our Christmas breaks. Still, a good way of observing office dynamics.

Fascinating how such a lot of women keep checking their hair and makeup every time they have a reflecting surface near them. It’s especially hilarious if said reflecting surface is their desk. I’ve never seen a partner make so many crazy faces at her face before!

Our one-kitchen policy is working out well. Gossip-o-meter is ever increasing now that secretaries and lawyers have just one common meeting place.

“Is there anything I can do for you, love?” is the most common question I’ve heard today. Who knew that leaving your hair open would garner such a response? What’s a little creepy: I’ve had no less than five men trying to touch my hair. Seriously, what’s up? It’s not different just because it’s loose! No more open hair days!

Christmas cookies are addicting. More than half the work-force is lamenting their weight-gain in regards to them, though I believe it’s more likely that said weight-gain is related to above-average consumption of sugary alcoholic beverages known as Gluehwein and Feuerzangenbowle. A lack of movement might contribute as well. I haven’t gotten any tennis invitations recently!

Running tonight is going to be difficult. I try my best to invent some new routes but they are a lot less interesting than my usual along the canal. I also don’t like running on asphalt, but these walkways are at least snow-free.

It’s starting to be a little warmer now, after way below freezing temperatures for the past few days. I might be able to achieve better times now that it won’t hurt so much to breathe.

Tomorrow is the office’s Christmas party (a German tradition, I’ve learned). Means lots of drunks, lots of food, lots of drunk speeches and probably Karaoke. Uh-oh! Well, I’m off to pack now! Hooray!


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