Late-night apple snacking

The Habit (it deserves its capital H!) rears its ugly head again. With me almost on the plane home (just two days left in sunnier regions! *cries*), I’ve decided to let up on the strict control that has gotten me from the “Freshman 30” down to normal again and have started slate-night snacking once more. Fortunately, I’ve never been inclined to snack on ice-cream, chocolate or left-over pizza (that’s for during the day). Instead, my food of choice is…


Sliced apples in a large bowl in convenient reach+good movie on DVD (don’t see the appeal of blu-ray, literally. My crappy eyes can’t tell the difference. My very well-hearing ears can’t either, even on the Bose system)=prime relaxation. The rest of the family is off to the beach, but since I don’t have any teachers to terrorize with them any more I’m not all that fond of all the man-o-war that have been swept ashore recently. They tend to make running difficult.

Roomie called me to tell me they have a blizzard going on in Germany. Ouch. Can’t I just stay here?

<– doesn’t want to leave grand piano

<– loves piano @home, but it’s no grand 😦


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