Back in cold, cold, snowy Germany

Sooo… tadaima. I’m back. It’s still far too cold for comfort here, and I found yet another “Get yourself vaccinated for Swine Flu!” flyer in my mailbox. I’m tired, and cranky, and really, really not in the mood to admire the genius who wrote the sales contract for GSK and the German government.

Instead, I’ll switch on the heating, cower next to the closest source of warmth and try to go to sleep (even though my body thinks it’s very early in the evening). I’ll also try not to think about vaccines, vaccinating or any other unpleasant facts. I always have to take a couple days off work for getting vaccinated as I react extremely unpleasant to everything they’ve dosed me with so far. Since all of the people I know who took the H1N1 vaccination got really sick (nausea, fever, rashes, the whole flu shebang) after I don’t want to try. I’ll take my chances with an easily treatable flu that comes across no worse than any cold (my dad had it, and he said it’s “the best virus ever! It likes being medicated!”) rather than be laid up for a week due to side-effects of the vaccine. I’m rather resistant to flu’s anyways (the common cold will visit with me for weeks on the other hand).

Goodnight! (and good luck!)

Listening to: Stefan Nilsson – Amors Andning
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