Really, really angry

Sooo… it’s not enough that I get to be needled about whether or not I’ve “gotten my vaccine yet?” at home, on the streets and even when visiting my doctor (who should know better!). Fu**ing hell, I explained my reasons a billion times. Go read some f**cking biology textbooks if you don’t believe me! This vaccine is UNTESTED. Meaning they treat humans as GUINEA PIGS. Yeah, that’s right. We’re in one huge cage being experimented on right now.

Being the pissed off woman I was, I went into retail therapy. Bought me a shiny new DVBT-USB antenna for my laptop, and some really nice, strong screws for anchoring bookcases to my crappy walls. Oh, and a couple books (Die Suche nach dem Ursprung der Atome, Conn Iggulden’s Emperor series, Xinran’s China Witness: Voices from a silent generation, a couple of manga I hadn’t read before). While happily perusing technical advancements I came across box sets of a series I really enjoyed as a teen: Queer as Folk. Seeing as I had money to spend, a weekend without the roomie to “look forward” to (I wish she were here, she’s remarkably good at getting me to calm down) and some cocoa to make hot chocolate with at home (with cinnamon, cardamom and a hint of ground chili- delish!) I bought the five seasons without further consideration.

My laptop refuses to play the DVDs due to region coding. WTF? Seriously, WTF? I BOUGHT those damn DVDs instead of pirating off the net. I wanted to go LEGAL and SUPPORT THE ARTISTS and what do I get? REGION CODING? Who the fu** is still hanging onto this dinosaur? I was this close to bringing the DVDs back, say “fu** you all!” and go download happily. Instead, I’m fuming over my keyboard here and trying to find legal arguments to support region coding. Still on the out, here.

And I was SO looking forward to a nice evening and relaxing weekend. Thank you, Warner Bros. for completely ruining DVDs for me. Maybe I just shouldn’t invest into them any more.

Btw, a question: Does the region coding crap also apply to blu-ray? ’cause even if they’re a throwback to the good old DVDs-are-forty-dollars times (with no visible difference in quality of sound or picture on a 60″ plasma full-HD home cinema system with Bose surround sound), I’d be willing to go for them if they’re region-free. I really hate on the DVD producers right now!

And yes, I know there’s an easy way around this software-wise. I mean to go legit, but seriously, this is sending people down the path towards piracy. I’m not stating or denying my continued inability to play these DVDs, just that I’m really not happy about the way studios treat their paying customers. Why buy when easy, no-holds-barred access is just a click away? And I’ve got DVDs from three different regions, by the way. What? I can only watch one third of my movies that I paid for with my hard-earned money since my DVD drive is stuck on that region now? Oops, sorry, that’s just the way it is? Convenience and customer service are definitely spelled differently!

No running tonight, there’s ice underneath the snow and no pathways  anywhere. Seeing as citizens in Germany are not allowed to harness snowploughs to their cars, anything that’s not a major road is buried under a couple inches of pure ice. Gonna play tennis and volleyball on Sunday. Have Tae Kwon Do training tomorrow. Might do a few forms right now to get the anger out.

<–deep breath.
Listening to: 03 Ludwig Van Beethoven – Sonata 21
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