Here’s to better days.

I feel like such a loser right now. The cold is sapping my strength, my willpower and my feel-good tactics aren’t working. I can’t even breathe without feeling as though someone punched me in the solarplexus outside. People at the office think they’re doing each other some good by opening the windows and letting in double-digit minus degrees (in Celsius, I don’t have my calc handy atm to give you Fahrenheit numbers) air. I have to go “enjoy” some “really great food” at this chic Michelin-starred restaurant in a moment (I absolutely don’t like not being able to tell what the stuff on my plate is supposed to be. Recently, they mashed up a really nice halibut fillet. Before that, it was beef and chocolate sauce. Or an amazing wolf-fish that’s been drowned in Christmas spices. YUCK!).

The woman who runs this restaurant is famous for putting truffle oil on the mass market- another thing the world didn’t need. Tastes nasty and doesn’t really do justice to any of the ingredients. If you want truffles, grate some over your meal, fresh, or use the dried stuff. Truffles in oil taste like they died in there, and they make the olive oil turn nasty, too.

<– gets off of soapbox, AGAIN.

Anyway, I’m cold, uncomfortable, miserable, all the bones I’ve ever broken hurt with a vengeance (that is not aching anymore. That is “I’m this close to having a Tylenol breakfast” pain), I really don’t see the beauty in ice and snow as it’s keeping me from things I love (plus I have to run a gauntlet to get to work- about seven major icy sections on the sidewalk), I have always worked better when it’s warm and I’m starting to make stupid mistakes just so I can avoid leaving my place beside the heater.


But it’s freaking cold!!!


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