Touched by the spirit(s)?

The one spirit I believe in is a good Scotch.

I’m about as unbelieving in anything not scientifically probable or provable as can be. I was an atheist in second grade (I read the bible, something everybody should do). I’m a sceptic, sarcastic, questioning piece of work or, as one of my theology-studying friends put it, “a missionary’s worst nightmare”.

So why am I inclined to curse at chance right now as though it were a sentient thing? Just ’cause my doctor tells me my TSH’s nonexistent now? Just ’cause that means there’s something wrong in my brain? I NEED my brain.

I’m terrified of something being wrong with my brain.

… still not believing in anything, though. Belief is the absence of knowledge, and knowledge sets you free.

I can’t wait for that CT scan.

<–off to play some piano


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