So that’s what’s up with my health then- or not?

My weight has gone up a LOT over the past two years. Like, forty pounds a lot. OK, I’m still in the “normal” weight range and I’m still pretty good in training but… it irks me. And puts me a couple weight classes higher in comps and that makes me go against people a head taller than me which is not good, no matter how fast you are.

Three doctors in the US and in Germany later, there’s just one agreement: Mine is an unusual case. They found out I’m hypothyroid (no shit, Sherlock, I’ve been on meds for five years) and that I apparently have a secondary thyroid dysfunction, meaning there’s something amiss in my brain. Uh-oh.

Sooo… they adjusted my T3/T4. Effect: I’m not only tired anymore but napping all over the place.  Sitting at my desk with me not absolutely busy has me falling asleep.

Until I can get my brain scan done, I’m going to have to live with this. It’s damn inconvenient- not that I want my insomnia back, but some happy medium would be very much appreciated. All the doctors are too stumped by my paradox reactions to meds, though (sleep meds make me hyper, most penicillins cause me to break out in hives, vaccinations lay me up for days… about the only thing I can take without side effects is Tylenol), so they’re pretty much shooting in the dark.

I just wish all that would go away. Just gimme a drug and send me on my way, please!


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