About the girl

Hi! My name is Nell. I’m a junior associate at a major law firm currently on ex-pat assignment to Germany. It’s a lot of fun being here, and the chocolate is fantastic!
Basically, I’m just your everyday girl… with a few differences. Just like every human. Welcome to my world!


4 responses to “About the girl

  1. welcome to germany. 🙂 and yes, the chocolate is fab.

  2. It is, isn’t it? I’ve brought tons of gummibears and chocolate to my friends and family in the States for Christmas and everybody loves them!
    I adore Germany and speaking German (even though I’m still really bad at it)!
    Thanks for welcoming me!!! *hugs Kat*

  3. Would you mind if i added your blog to my blogroll?

  4. Nah, feel free to do so! I don’t usually write about anything interesting, though…

    Thanks for considering Everyday Girl 😉

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